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Terms Of Use

Intellectual Property Rights Statement

The domain name, logo, trademark, content, technical data and other relevant information of this website (collecreferred to as "website content") belong to the xotgame.com, please respect and strictly comply with the relevant laws and regulations and the provisions of this website for reasonable use. The absence of a specific claim to the Website content does not mean that the Company has no rights to it, nor does it mean that the Company waives or asserts no rights. You may not in any way modify, clip the website content, distribute computer viruses, set up network links or use them for any commercial or other personal purposes. The use of the website content on any other website or other print media or network computer environment for any purpose is prohibited. In addition, the permission of the website to log in, register, browse or use the website content does not grant you the use of the Company’s copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights or other proprietary rights.

Information Issue

The website content does not constitute an offer, warranty or commitment of any kind when it publishes information, except as expressly provided in the contents of the website. According to the relevant regulations or affected by objective conditions, the website content or the products, services, prices, service promises introduced in these contents may change, without notice. The website content may also be overdue or lag, but the website will try to update in time.

Your use of the website shall not violate laws and regulations and social ethics, shall not submit to the site or send through the site, spread any illegal, terror, superstition, rumors, slander, threats, pornography, may infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of others or endanger the social order of information or materials. The website shall keep the information you submit confidential according to regulations (except those disclosed in accordance with laws and regulations or relevant agreements). However, if the relevant right holders give substantiated warnings or objections to the information, the website may delete such information at any time or suspend the online browsing of such information indefinitely without prior consent of the submitter or having the obligation to notify the submitter afterwards. In serious cases, the website may cancel such users.


Welcome to the website. Please read this Disclaimer carefully before using the services of the platform. Those who log in and browse the content of the website in any way or directly or indirectly use the content of the platform shall be deemed to have agreed to the Disclaimer of the website.

In terms of the content on this platform, including content from other websites recommended in the form of links, although the platform has performed the obligation of formal review, the platform does not guarantee the authenticity, integrity, security and legality of such content, products, services or other materials. Users shall exercise discretion at their own risk to avoid any direct or indirect loss arising from the use or reliance on such content, products, services or other materials.

Other Declaration

If users are unable to use the website normally due to force majeure, technical failure, internal debugging and other factors or network service providers, the relevant technical personnel will promptly restore the site to its original state, but the site shall not assume legal liability.

The games on the website xotgame.com are all from app Store and Google Play, and the relevant content is originally edited by our company. If you are interested in the games on our website, you can download them through the recommended download link. These links are safe because they come from the authorities. If there is any infringement of the games, please contact us. Email: [email protected]