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Upland - Property Trading Game
Upland - Property Trading Game
Uplandme, inc Casual

Upland allows you to trade house prosperities in the virtual world.

All virtual properties in the game are based on real-world addresses. Your financial situation depends on the UPX you own.

Download the game now to get 3000 UPX bonus.

Earn more UPX to buy more properties in the world of Upland!



Additional Information

Ios Android

Gameplay Skills

Game features:

All players can master the gameplay with the in-game tutorial.

There are four identities with different rights:

- Traveler: No ownership of real estate

- Local (10,000 UPX): Market transactions and real property ownership.

- Expert (100,000UPX): More agent options and allow to acquire, trade, and lease business licenses.

- Manager (1,000,000 UPX): Agent customization.

Just earn more UPX to collect properties. Make an offer for your favorite property and trade with other Uplanders in the market place. Manage your Property Portfolio and become the master!


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Upland - Property Trading Game

Upland - Property Trading Game

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