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My Child Lebensborn
My Child Lebensborn
Sarepta Studio RPG Simulation

My Child Lebensborn is based on the real experience of the Lebensborn children, which tells the tragic stories of many innocent children after World War II. The war was over but its effect did not stop.

Get to know the children and help them to confront the life.

What problems will you encounter? What will you do? Make your choices and find the answer by yourself.



Additional Information

Ios Android

Gameplay Skills

Game Features:

- Your choices will directly affect the children's feeling, worldview, and personality

- Pay attention to the expressions and body language of the children

- Discover the historical events

- Make money by working

- Cook delicious food for the kids and play with them

- Help them solve various problems such as school bullying

- Manage time and allocate resources wisely

- Get to know the influence of wars


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My Child Lebensborn

My Child Lebensborn

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