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Long Neck Run
Long Neck Run
Dual Cat Casual

Collect more rings of the same color to make your neck longer as you go ahead. When your neck becomes long enough, you will unlock a new landmark. Easter Island statues, Egyptian pyramids, the Statue of Liberty and many other world-famous buildings are waiting for you. There are many obstacles in your way, and the mission will become more challenging as you level up.



Additional Information

Ios Android

Gameplay Skills


- Collect rings to make your neck as long as possible

- Avoid traps and obstacles

- Become higher than the landmarks in the real world and win rich rewards

- A lot of unlockable world-famous landmarks

- Addictive and exciting gameplay

- Exquisite graphics and light-hearted music

Enjoy Long Neck Run and conquer all the obstacles in your way!


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Long Neck Run

Long Neck Run

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