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Among Us!
Among Us!
Innersloth LLC Adventure Action Sports

Among Us is a casual strategy game developed and published by Innersloth. 4-15 players can play the game online or through local area network together. The players will be divided into two groups: Crewmate and impostor.

Story: The spaceship is going to take off. However, 1-3 impostors have been infiltrated into the crewmate, aiming to kill all the crewmates! Which group will win?

You may play as a crewmate or an imposter. Use your wits to complete missions and defeat your opponents!



Additional Information

Ios Android

Gameplay Skills

Game rules:

- The crewmates have to complete various missions and find out the Impostor(s).

- The Impostor’s mission is to assassinate the crewmate and destroy the ship.

- When a crewmate is killed, the surviving crewmates can vote on the “Imposter”.

- If the impostors are exposed, or all the missions are completed, the group of Crewmate wins.

- The group of Imposter wins if the number of Crewmate is equal to that of Imposter.


- Multiplayer online competitive game mode

- Unique and challenging gameplay

- Different maps to explore

- Different gaming experience in each game

- Cute characters and diverse gameplay

Don't trust anyone easily!



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Among Us!

Among Us!

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